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Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in blog, Diabetes | 0 comments

Can Diabetes Be Managed By Medication Alone?

Can Diabetes Be Managed By Medication Alone?


Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which there are high blood sugar levels for a long period of time. It is one of the fastest spreading and most commonly diagnosed diseases in the past couple of years with not only adults but even young people getting affected by it.

The most common cause of diabetes can be attributed to the lifestyle choices we make because of our stress filled lives, unhealthy food we eat and the lack of physical activity. Many physicians and even people feel that the only way to control blood sugar levels is only through medication but that is not true. Diabetes can be easily controlled, especially type 2 diabetes, by making a few lifestyle changes. If you have type 1 diabetes, you will have to take insulin shots everyday as the body loses its ability to produce insulin on its own.

Taking medicines is not the only way to treat diabetes. Sometimes, heavy medication can make the ailment worse. Too much medication over a period of time will make the patient resistant to medicines, even insulin, and when that happens, it is very hard to manage the disease. It is commonly believed that medicines are more than enough to manage sugar levels but that is a wrong perception. Medicines only help to a certain extent to control the symptoms but to lead a normal life, many lifestyle changes need to be made.

Medicines For Diabetics

“A metabolic disorder, Diabetes cannot be handled just by popping in different pills or insulin intake. The only way to control one’s sugar levels is only by combining medicines with necessary lifestyle changes.” –Dr. Ravi Sankar Erukulapati, Clinical Lead & Endocrinologist, Apollo Sugar Clinics Ltd, Hyderabad

The easiest way to treat diabetes is by:

  • Nutritious, healthy diet
  • Daily exercise
  • Mild medication
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

Stash away all your medicines and follow these methods to control your blood sugar levels:

  • Diet Increase the amount of fibre you consume by eating more fruits, vegetables, skimmed milk, beans, lentils, fish, lean meat and unsalted snacks. Avoid butters, processed meat, chips, cakes and other fatty foods.
  • Manage your weight If you are already overweight, it is time you started getting fit. Set small targets to lose weight so that you actually achieve them. Workout for at least 30 minutes a day, every day. Keep track of when you exercise, the intensity of your exercise and the duration of the exercise. Do not do the same exercise every day, try different things like yoga, pilates, aerobics, weights, biking and others.

It is possible to manage diabetes without medication but it is not for everyone. Some people’s bodies do not respond very well to lifestyle changes but need medication to keep it going. Contact your physician before giving up medication if you already are taking medicines to control diabetes.

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