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Dental Care In Children

Dental Care In Children


It is a great pleasure for parents to see their babies grow into strong, beautiful children and every small change is a big milestone. Unfortunately, not enough importance is given to their oral health as the other areas. Many parents ignore signs of dental problems, especially dental decay, thinking that those are just milk teeth and will fall off. Due to such neglect, chronic tooth decay has now become a common ailment in children.

The fact is that even those 20 milk teeth in a child’s mouth are very important and should be cared for. If any cavities are seen, a dentist must be consulted to fill them up. Parents must begin taking their kids to a dentist by the age of ‘one’ so that common dental issues can be avoided.

Dental Care For Infants

It is important to start oral care as soon as the babies are born. It is helpful to run a clean, wet cloth over the baby’s gums every day to keep harmful bacteria at bay. As soon as the teeth start appearing, brushing the teeth with a baby tooth brush with a bit of tooth paste and water till they turn two is a very good idea. From the age of two, many children know how to spit while brushing. Make sure the brushing is supervised till the age of five.

The most common and dangerous dental problem among kids below the age of five is ‘nursing bottle caries’. This is nothing but teeth decay caused due to leaving the milk bottle in the mouth while the child sleeps all through the night.

Visiting A Dentist

Taking your child to a dentist is a must for any age as it helps in early detection of potential problems like dental decay, jaw abnormalities, delay in teeth eruption etc. A new parent can learn a lot of techniques to look after their babies from the dentist, even how to brush their teeth without hurting them.

As your child’s permanent teeth grow out, a dentist can help seal out the decay by applying a thin wash of resin to the back teeth where most chewing occurs. There are new dental decay preventive techniques including fillings, pit and fissure sealants that seep fluoride.

Dental problems are really tough on children as it also affects their self-esteem often resulting in poor performance in school. Parents must teach kids to avoid sweets, chocolates, junk food and carbonated drinks for better teeth. Oral habits like thumb sucking, lip biting, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing etc. can cause misalignment of the teeth, proclination and crowding in children.

At Apollo White, we have a dedicated team of dentists specialising in care and treatment for children. Visit your nearest clinic with your children for a general check-up, consultation or treatment.

Parents of young children must remember to pay close attention to their child’s teeth so that dental diseases can be wiped out from the root itself.

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