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One question that plagues diabetics is if they can drink alcohol? But if you have diabetes, you may need to consider your drinking habits. What does an occasional drink mean? Two drinks a day, is the amount suggested by the American Diabetes Association.

“The liver cannot break down the alcohol when it is consumed quickly”

Effects On The Liver

When it enters the blood, alcohol moves very rapidly without breaking down (metabolised) in the stomach. Within five minutes of having a drink, there’s enough alcohol in the blood to be measured. Breaking down the alcohol once it is in the body is done by the liver, but it needs time. The liver cannot break down the alcohol when it is consumed quickly. Therefore, excess alcohol moves through the bloodstream to other parts of the body.

Great Risk Of Low Blood Sugar

If you take oral pills for diabetes or insulin shots, you are at a risk of low blood sugar when you consume alcohol. Always remember, never drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. Plan to have your drink after eating a snack or with a meal.

Usually, when the blood sugar levels drop, the liver starts changing stocked up carbohydrates into glucose. It then sends the glucose out into the blood, which in turn helps you avoid a low blood sugar situation. The liver first works on clearing the alcohol from the blood rapidly.

In reality, the liver will not produce glucose till it has taken care of the alcohol! This in turn affects your body’s ability to get over a low blood sugar level. Take note of your blood sugar levels before you sleep, if you have been drinking. Eat a small snack before you go to sleep to avoid a low blood sugar reaction. Visit Apollo sugar to find out how to over low sugar levels whenever alcohol is consumed.

Alcohol Diet And Exercise

It is always better to restrict your intake of alcohol especially if you are a diabetic. Stick to three to four glasses of alcohol intake per week and remember to eat along with it. Do not overlook this problem, as it may lead to drastic health issues. With a proper diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle today, you can enjoy life without the added burden of constant health worries.

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