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Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in blog, Cosmetic Surgery | 0 comments

Emphasize your Cheekbones

Emphasize your Cheekbones


Facial implants for the chin and cheeks enhance youthfulness,and strengthen features. The procedure for both implants includes placement of synthetic materials under the subcutaneous tissue, and on to the bone underlying it. Implants, whether of the cheek or chin, are distinct because there are many options available and dramatic results follow.

Why and how is a Cheek Implant done?

A cheek implant is done to add more emphasis to the cheekbones. The technique involves tiny incisions made towards the inside of the upper jaw area of the mouth. A pocket is created and the implant is scooped into it and secured. A customized implant can also be used for the cheeks.

Types of Cheek Implants

Some recommended types of cheek implants include:

  • Submalar: This type of implant is designed to chisel a face with sunken cheeks at the side of the nose, and below the eyes.
  • Malar shell: This surgery focuses on achieving fullness at the cheekbones.
  • Combined submalar: This procedure is a combination of the first two methods to augment the mid-face in particular.

How is a Chin Implant done?
Cosmetic surgery for chin alteration focuses on balancing the features and bringing them in proportion with each other such as the forehead, nose, lips, chin and the neck. Whilst a protruding chin can be operated on to make it smaller, a small chin can be proportionately sized with the help of implants.

Implants can be inserted with an incision inside the mouth, behind the lower lip and below the chin. A pocket is created and an implant is placed and secured in it. Visible scars are avoided as the incision is made inside in both the cases. Once the incision is closed, the chin is held firm with a tape, to treat swelling and to prevent the accumulation of fluid.


  • Some risks associated with both cheek and chin implants are:
  • Infection – for which antibiotics may be prescribed after surgery
  • The implant coming out through the skin – often rare a outcome
  • Implanted site swelling up
  • Skin over the implant experiencing discoloration
  • Experiencing temporary tingling sensation – which disappears with time.
  • Bone erosion was seen as an outcome in some studies. Even then, chin erosion does not cause any problem to the gums or teeth.

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