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Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in blog, Cosmetic Surgery | 1 comment

Get a Chiseled Jaw

Get a Chiseled Jaw


Usually desired by men who want the chiseled look, jawimplants add more symmetryand definition to their face. Such kind of jaw augmentation surgery normally takes one or two hours when performedalone. In other cases, it can also be accompanied alongside a cheek implant,chin implant or a facelift.

Conditions required

As jaw implants are a permanent featureadded to the face, it is important to discuss the options with a certified surgeon. For instance, three-dimensional imaging is performed to show how the jawline would appear after the jaw implants are placed.Also, the surgeon may suggest another procedure if the patient’s expectations are not realistic enough to undergo the desired surgery – in this case jaw implants.

Some necessary conditions for a jawimplant are:

  • A strong immune system.
  • Teeth and jaws should be functioning well.
  • Quitting smoking to facilitate recovery time.
  • The doctor may advise you to avoidcertain drugs such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that can purport bleeding during or after surgery.

Age for performing Jaw Augmentation
Jaw augmentation is usually done on people who are at least 18 years old and above to ensure that the facial structure physically fully mature.

The procedure for jaw implants can include both a chin implant that defines the front portion of the jawbone and lower jaw implants that firm up both the sides. A chin implant is done by making an incision inside the mouth and below the chin, where a pocket is created and the implant is placed. The incision is then closed with stitches and the chin taped for recovery. A lower jaw implant is done by making incisions on both sides of the mouth from the inside and below the lip. A pocket is created and the implants are placed, while the stitches heal in about a week.

The results are immediate, but you won’t see the full effect until the swelling and bruising subside. Jaw implants are designed to last a lifetime.

Postoperative discomfort
You may be muzzy from the anesthetic and oral medications. You have to keep your head elevated for one to two weeks. You will notice swelling and bruising on your face for the first 3 days which will improve as the days pass. Rinse with some anti-bacterial mouthwash several times a day. Do not bother your sutures time and again.


Certain risks associated with jaw implants include:

  • Infection
  • Shift of implants
  • Sensory changes
  • Bleeding
  • Anesthetic risks
  • Allergy
  • Pain
  • Damage caused to the deep seated structures of the face and mouth


While the inner stitches dissolve on their own, the outer stitches are generally removed within a week.The chin and jaw are held fast with the
help of a tape for three to seven days to give it rest and can restrict chewing.

The jaw area may feel tight and, soreness, swelling and bruising are some probable outcomes.The doctor would prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection and discomfort.A controlled diet plan and good oral hygiene including salt water gargling are some features that would become imperative as part of one’s daily routine.

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