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Nasal Allergies

Nasal Allergies


With each passing year, there is a dramatic rise in the number of nasal allergy cases all around the world with one out of four people suffering from either seasonal or chronic allergy. Nasal allergies are said to be the most common respiratory illnesses and are not only mildly irritating but also hard to live with.

Nasal allergies are also known as allergic rhinitis and they come with numerous symptoms. It has been established that most nasal allergies occur when the body’s immune system rejects substances taken in from the air that we breathe and starts attacking them. During its process of rejecting, the immune system releases substances called histamines and leukotrienes which in turn cause inflammation of the nasal lining. Visit your nearest Apollo clinics centre to get a health check-up done to know more about nasal allergies.

Some of the most common symptoms of nasal allergies are:

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Itching in the throat, nose and ears
  • Congestion

Nasal allergies have been categorised into seasonal allergies and year-round allergies. Seasonal allergies, also called as hay fever, are caused by outdoor factors like pollen and dust. Year-round allergies are caused due to perfumes, smoke, infections and medications. Some other causes of nasal allergies include:

  • Eosinophilic allergies are caused by changes in the environment, bodily reactions which result in runny nose, itching and sneezing. This is a condition that is present as long as the environment remains the same.
  • Neutrophilic allergy is caused by the advent of other infections in the sinus, other body parts and problems in the blood cells. The symptoms here remain the same as in eosinophilic allergies.
  • Hormonal changes can also lead to nasal allergies. Most commonly seen in pregnant women and in people with hypothyroidism, these allergies cause a runny nose and nasal inflammation.
  • Structural causes are when there is damage to the nose or some form of deformity. The symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, nasal inflammation and itching.
  • A few irritants like perfumes, stress, weather, medications, smoke and a few products can also cause allergies

Though nasal allergies may not be life-threatening, they are not easy to live with. Trying to manage things on a daily basis with a nasal allergy can be hard. Treat any nasal allergies in time to lead a happy infection-free life.

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