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Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in blog, Gynaecology | 0 comments

Pain Associated With Childbirth

Pain Associated With Childbirth


One thing that most of the expectant mothers worry about is the pain during labour. This is one area that gives the jitters to the partner and extended family of the would-be-mom as well. Movies and media make it no better with scenes of labour being projected as intensely painful, and as a harrowing experience that every mother has to go through. But the question still remains: Is natural childbirth unbearably painful? The answer is not a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

A natural approach to labour is helpful if you want to be in control of your body throughout. When you choose this route, you consciously accept the potential discomfort and pain as a part of the birth-giving process. With the right support and preparation, natural childbirth will leave you feeling empowered.

Here are some advantages of natural childbirth:

  • Non-invasive – Natural childbirth techniques are non-invasive. There is very less potential for any side-effects or harm to you or your baby.
  • Feeling of empowerment – Many women experience a strong sense of empowerment during childbirth and accomplishment afterwards. For some, being in charge helps lessen their perception of pain during childbirth.
  • Active participation – There is no loss of alertness or sensation and one can move freely and actively participate in the delivery process.
  • Involvement of partner – You can communicate with your partner and work together to manage the pain.

Preparing For Natural Childbirth

Natural techniques to reduce pain do not eliminate pain completely. If you want to work with the pain and don’t want to depend on drugs to reduce pain, then it is a choice that you need to make. Here are some tips:

  • Read about childbirth and coping techniques. Understanding what happens with your body will help you cope better.
  • Work with your doctor in preparing a supportive birth plan and talk about your wishes and goals.
  • Have your partner or a family member or a friend to be there with you throughout.
  • Practise some breathing exercises.
  • Always remember that no matter how much you plan, there may be situations wherein surgical intervention is required. Be optimistic!

We, at Apollo Cradle, have launched an initiative – Natural Is Priceless – a first of its kind initiative in the world to support the cause of natural childbirth. Yet labour is not something we would recommend you accomplish alone. You need the support of family and friends, and the assurance of experienced birth professionals at your side.

This is where Apollo Cradle steps in. With a 30 year legacy of clinical excellence. With the confidence of bringing more than 100,000 babies safely into our world. With the tradition of serving you from the heart.


We have taken a pledge to promote natural childbirth and believe that the cost of delivering a child should not be determined by the method chosen; we make no distinction between the cost of a natural and caesarean birth.

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