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Posted by on May 29, 2013 in blog, Lifestyle | 0 comments

QUIT! Before It Kills You

QUIT! Before It Kills You


Consumption of tobacco is harmful and it is imperative that one undergoes preventive and screening measures in consultation with a doctor to stay healthy. Smokers are up against all odds to their health and their strong decision to quit has a myriad of benefits. Eating out and falling sick is not just implied for children, adults too need a strong stomach to stop falling prey to infections.

Self Check for Tobacco Consumers 

Watch out for the following symptoms:

Remember too that tobacco users have an increased risk for other cancers as well, depending on the way they use tobacco. Other risk factors for these cancers may be more important than your use of tobacco, but you should be aware of the additional risks that might apply to your situation because of your tobacco addiction.

Risks of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting 

Why do people become addicted to smoking?

For most people, the common reasons for starting on the habit include peer pressure, the desire to be a ‘grown-up’, natural curiosity and a sense of rebellion or freedom. Children see adults smoking in an attempt to relieve stress, tension and boredom, and children want to mimic this ‘grown-up’ behaviour.

Stomach Infections in Adults 

Food poisoning – Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment 

All of us eat out some time or the other. Social functions, parties, restaurants, or fast food joints. Sometimes you fall ill after eating at such places, sometimes you don’t. But when you do fall ill, pause and think. It’s not only children who are at the risk of contracting stomach infections. Being an adult does not afford too much of protection either!



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