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Posted by on May 15, 2015 in blog, Discoveries and Findings | 0 comments

The Art Of Alignment

The Art Of Alignment


“Anusara yogaisits is the use of the principles of alignment in every pose”

One of the unique things about anusara yogaisits is the use of the principles of alignment also called the universal principles of alignment. When these principles of alignment are performed, they are practised in every pose. Some say that while doing this form of yoga, practise of these principles is done more than practise of the poses. So if you begin to understand how to align your body while maintaining balance with these various principles, you can practice any yoga pose. Practising these principles is a unique way to look at one’s yoga practise and can be done at any moment.

These principles allow you to technically interpret your way into a new yoga pose with greater efficiency. For example, when someone wants to stand up tall and lengthen their sides, there are actually a number of principles that help the parts of the body to align. These integrate how to hold a particular part of the body and balance it with the other part. So balance is always the key with these principles. Visit the Lifestyle section of Apollo Clinics to know more about the benefits of practising Anusara Yoga.

There is a way to hold your head and there is one principle that helps decide how to hold your head in relation to your shoulders, whether you are in a forward fold, or a backbend or a twist. It has to be applied and balanced. From plank pose to downward facing dog and then possibly a more challenging pose like the dolphin pose, the shoulders are held more to the back, with the heart broad, the waistline full and the lower back extended. The principle of how to hold this part of the body is applied throughout the yoga practise. Applying principles to yoga practise allows one to keep a stream of awareness and consciousness and helps align your body from one pose to the next.

Whatever style of yoga is being practised pay attention to the art of alignment. The wonderful thing about these principles is that they can be applied anywhere. So things like stability, creativity and freedom line up with different alignment principles that we practise. It is also a way to interpret what you do on your yoga mat, to what you do off it. It is a great way to study and a great way to practise.

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