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Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in blog, Diabetes | 0 comments

What one needs to know about diabetes and diet plan?

What one needs to know about diabetes and diet plan?


Eating healthy is vital to keep diabetes under control. Regular exercise and healthy meal plan help together. No special food and complicated diets are needed.

A diet plan for a diabetic has to be low in fat, high in fiber, with required calories which are distributed throughout the day. Big meals cause big swings in blood sugar. Attention should be paid for the right food choices.

Take home tips on diet for a diabetic:

  • Eat regularly with equal intervals. Long gap between meals bring your sugar level down and you would end up eating too much which will lead to blood sugar fluctuations.
  • Choose high fiber, slow release carbohydrates which are complex in nature. .
  • Avoid highly refined products devoid of fiber like refined flour maida, instead choose whole wheat flour. Whole grains and whole pulses are better than polished variety.
  • Limit the fat intake and avoid saturated fats like ghee, butter.
  • Have three meals with three healthy snacks in between.
  • Choose high fibrous vegetables than carbohydrate rich vegetables like starchy root vegetables.
  • Avoid fruit juices. Whole fruits are rich in fiber.
  • Avoid chocolates, pastries and ice creams rich in fats and sugar.
  • Choose healthy non vegetarian like fish and chicken and take it in grilled or cooked form than fried.
  • Eat three or four almonds or walnuts daily.
  • Choose low fat milk and milk products.
  • Maintain a food diary which can be discussed with your dietitian.
  • Maintain ideal body weight with regular walking and timely meals.
  • No fasting and No Feasting!
  • Consult a dietitian and get your meal planned with proper timing and quantity and choice of foods. Follow it regularly and lead a healthy life.

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