How Much Does Jeon Somi Weight?

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How Much Does Jeon Somi Weight?

Somi has been open about her diet plans, and we’re sure you’re curious to know how much she weighs. The actress is a well-known fitness fan, who has a strict diet regimen. She also works out and practices taekwondo. However, it’s unclear what exactly she does to maintain her ideal weight. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at her weight and diet plan.

Jeon Somi’s weight

The latest reports about Jeon Somi’s weight have been shocking. The actress is only five feet and eighteen inches tall, but the size of her waist has left fans and netizens guessing. Although it was surprising to see her skinny figure, Jeon says she hopes to gain weight in the future and stay healthy. While it is difficult to predict what a model will weigh, Jeon Somi’s body type is clearly impressive.

Unlike other celebrities, Jeon Somi is no stranger to strict dieting and exercise routines. Despite her seemingly strict diet, the K-pop star continues to enjoy coffee and milkshakes. Her weight loss regimen also includes a lot of water. The result is a sexy figure, perfect abs, and a lean, mean figure. But how did she manage to keep her body so lean and slim?

Her father is an actor

Somi’s father is an actor, who made a cameo appearance in her “XOXO” music video. Somi’s father supports her dreams to become a singer in South Korea. Somi’s mother, Jeon Sun-hee, is of Korean descent. She has been accompanying her to pursue her singing career since fourth grade. Matthew Douma, Somi’s father, is a supporting actor.

Matthew Douma, a 47-year-old actor, is the father of Somi Kwan. He is an actor, model, and TV presenter. He has narrated many popular shows, including Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition, he has acted in several television dramas, and has also been praised for his role in the acclaimed drama “Descendants of the Sun.”

Jeon Somi’s parents are not helicopter parents. They did not pressure their daughter to do anything, even though they were involved in her idol career. They talked to her about her dreams, but she did everything herself, including auditions. Somi was initially rejected by p101, but a fellow actor overheard her saying that she wanted to participate. As a result, her parents decided to let her audition anyway, and she hasn’t looked back.

Her diet plan

Whether you’re curious about Somi’s weight, or you’re curious about her entire weight-loss journey, here’s the scoop on her diet plan. The model started her career very thin and quickly became famous due to her half-Korean, half-Caucasian looks. After starring in a survival show called “SIXTEEN” she developed an enormous fan base. Then, she joined Produce 101 and rose quickly to the top ranks of the competition. Although she was thinner than most of her co-stars, she did not lose much weight.

The singer has been open about her diet plan and health since she made her solo debut in 2018. She once shared her diet plan with an audience on MBC FM4U’s Dreaming Radio with Jun Hyosung, where she talked about her personal health. Before attending the show, she felt under the weather and needed IV fluids, but didn’t want to let her fans know about her illness. In addition to a healthy diet, she also claimed that she lost 10 kilograms in preparation for her solo debut.

Her appearance

Somi has always been self-conscious about her weight. She is a biracial girl and was bullied as a child for her skin tone. After she quit idols, she joined a rival company, YG, and has maintained a constant weight of around 100 pounds. Her height and weight have become a source of speculation among netizens. If the actress is healthy, it would be good if she would put on some weight and remain fit.

Jeon Somi has a low-calorie diet. She no longer follows a strict diet. Instead, she cooks at home and eats a healthier version of cold noodles. She eats healthy foods such as tofu and konjac jelly. She watches her food intake and chooses a variety of nutritious food. Despite her low-calorie diet, she is still extremely fit and has incredible abs.

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