How Much Weight Can Drywall Screws Hold?

How Much Weight Can Drywall Screws Hold?

When hanging heavy items, it is important to know how much weight drywall screws can support. These fasteners can hold up to 20 pounds of weight. Anchors are also available for heavier objects. You can learn more about these products by reading this article. If you are unsure, you can also read about Mollys and Toggle bolts. Then you can make an informed decision. But before you buy anything, make sure you know how much weight you need to hang – and if you need to use them on heavy items, use an anchor that is suitable for the weight.

Anchors for heavy items

Anchors for heavy things with drywall screws work best when the anchor’s point is at the center of the item. This is because when a long screw is installed, the metal end of the anchor spreads, making it less effective and requiring a bigger hole. Therefore, they’re best used when the item will be moving in a different place or if it’s going to move very slowly.

Toggle bolts

If you’re wondering how much weight drywall screws can support, you can choose a drywall anchor with a toggle bolt, which has spring-loaded wings that open inside the wall. The wings hold the fastener in place securely. The length of the toggle bolt is dependent on the thickness of the wallboard and the size of the object being mounted. Make sure you choose a toggle bolt with enough length to get through both the wallboard and the object you’re mounting.

Plastic expansion anchors

The most common question when it comes to drywall anchors is, “How much weight can plastic expansion anchors hold?” These are typically used to hang pictures, and they are very durable. However, they do have their limitations. They cannot hold heavy weight and have lower strength limits than other types of anchors. That being said, they are cheap, and can be found in multipacks of dozens.


To determine how much weight a molly can hold, you’ll need to determine its diameter. Mollys have a combination Phillips/slotted head and should be turned in a clockwise direction. To prevent damaging the drywall, use a slotted screwdriver to drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the molly’s diameter. When installing a molly, make sure to start by predrilling the hole first. After the molly is screwed in, stop when you feel a strong resistance. This should be enough to prevent damage to the drywall.

Plastic wing toggles

To answer the question, how much weight can plastic wing toggles hold, you must first understand what a toggle is. To begin, a toggle is a bolt or nut that is threaded through an object to be mounted. On one side, the toggle has wings that open and close when it passes through a hole in a wall. When tightening the toggle, the wings should not fall to the side.


These self-drilling drywall screws are typically used by home decorators. They expand and hug the drywall, which is a great way to hang heavy items. Because they do not require an anchor, they can hold a lot of weight without buckling, but they can pull out heavy objects as well. When installing these screws, make sure to use a level, screwdriver, and a tape measure to find the ideal size.


Zip-It drywall screws can be used to secure drywall. When installed correctly, they can hold up to 25 pounds of weight. They feature a large outside-threaded nut for added strength and can be removed easily. Depending on how much weight you need to secure, you can use screws with sizes ranging from #6 to #8. When using an anchor screw, you should drill a pilot hole into the drywall before inserting the screws.

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