How to Carry More Weight in Elder Ring

How to Carry More Weight in Elder Ring

The first step in figuring out how to carry more weight in Elden Ring is to understand how the game’s encumbrance system works. Your character’s weight is a crucial stat to pay attention to. It determines a lot of different things, such as your movement speed and damage. Equip Load is another stat you should pay attention to, as it tells you how much weight you can carry in gear. It’s a fraction of your character’s total weight.


There are many ways to enhance the performance of your character in Elden Ring. Talismans are not essential items, but they can be used to make your character build stronger by providing improved stats, increased damage resistance, and other advantages. Below are some tips on how to maximize your talisman use in the game. Depending on your play style, talismans can be used to increase your max HP and stamina, increase damage resistance, and more.

The Ritual Sword Talisman increases your attack and defense stats at full health. Most players try to avoid getting hit repeatedly, but taking a hit will leave them time to guard and heal before the next attack. The Ritual Shield Talisman will reduce the time it takes to restore full HP, including passive healing. This makes it easier for the player to survive one-shots.

Endurance stat

Increasing your Endurance will increase your equip load and give you more wiggle room. You can also increase the maximum stamina of your character by upgrading your Endurance stat, which increases with every level. The best early stat for any Elden Ring class is Endurance. However, it will cost you a lot of money, so you should be careful in spending your points wisely.

The Equip Load is a stat that greatly affects combat in Elden Ring. It determines how quickly your character rolls and recovers stamina. You can increase this stat by stacking Runes and eliminating enemies. You can also increase the maximum Equip Load by stacking items at sites of grace. If you want to increase the maximum Equip Load of your character, read this article carefully.

Rolling speed

When it comes to Elden Ring combat, rolling speed is directly related to the amount of equipment a player carries. Fortunately, there are some ways to increase your rolling speed without drastically affecting the weight of your equipment. One way to increase your roll speed is by leveling up Endurance. While this skill will increase your maximum load capacity, you may want to reduce your load if possible. To keep your current setup, you can invest in Endurance, which will increase your maximum load.

Increasing your rolling speed in Elden Ring is possible by increasing your maximum load. This is an essential skill that will allow you to carry more equipment. You can also increase your equipment load by putting Runes into your Endurance stat. Keep in mind that this stat is more expensive the higher your level, so you must pay close attention to it. If you want to increase your rolling speed, you must pay close attention to the weight of your gear and the maximum load.

Talismans that increase equip load

Talismans that increase the equip load of your weapon and armor are extremely valuable in Elder Ring. However, you need to be aware of their limitations. Some of them only boost damage when your total equip load is low, while others provide additional defense. These Talismans are more build-dependent than spells and abilities, so you need to consider your needs before buying them. Listed below are some of the most popular Talismans in Elder Ring.

Shard of Alexander: This talisman is a very effective choice if you need to increase the damage output of your weapon. This talisman will give you additional damage when you’re using magic, basic attacks, and weapon skills. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect the armor or weapon stats of your enemies. Other C-tier talismans include Taker’s Cameo and Great-Jar’s Arsenal, which are both good options at lower levels, but won’t do much once you reach level 60.

Rolling around boss arenas

In Elden Ring, rolling around the boss arenas is an essential part of PvP. While this mechanic is incredibly effective at avoiding damage from other players, it can also make bosses more vulnerable to damage. The lanky boss will create a whirlwind of black flame, while the larger boss will roll around the arena. You can try channeling your inner Sonic, Blanka, or some other Street Fighter character to get around this technique and embarrassingly kill the Sanguine Noble boss. This tactic will not work on more challenging bosses, however.

For this particular type of combat, you need a high-upgraded medium or greatshield. It may be challenging to fight two bosses, but with a stable shield, you can withstand attacks from both. Besides, using a six-pillar kite will help you kite both bosses, allowing you to stay in the same spot for longer periods of time. If you’re not confident about the abilities of your character, you can also choose to take on one of the bosses.

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