Stress Ball Person – Byron Buxton and His Migraines

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Stress Ball Person – Byron Buxton and His Migraines

If you’ve never heard of Felton Buxton, you’re not alone. Most people suffer from migraines at some point in their lives, but this stress ball personality uses mental skills to cope with stress and migraines. Read on to learn more about this stress ball person! And while you’re reading, don’t forget to read about his experience with migraines and ibuprofen. It might just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Felton Buxton is a stress ball personality

The life and career of Felton Buxton is a stress ball of emotion and character. The 30 year-old engineer, whose brother Byron is an outfielder for the Minnesota Twins, is the most famous stress ball in baseball. But what is his real life like? When pressed, he says, “I just want to be a baseball player.” That’s all well and good, but how do you handle all the impediments that come along with being a baseball player?

He uses mental skills to control his stress level

Michael Buxton is trying to use mental skills to manage his stress level. There is evidence that stress is a contributing factor to migraines. The most well-known athlete to battle migraines is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Buxton has heard the stories of the NBA legend, but would love to meet him in person. The 30-year-old hopes to play center field on Opening Day for the third time in his career.

He uses ibuprofen to deal with migraines

Byron Buxton was on the disabled list late last year due to a groin injury. But even while he was out, he was experiencing one of the worst migraines he’d ever experienced. In the clubhouse, he could barely keep his eyes open, let alone see. He decided to head into the trainer’s room to take Ibuprofen. His team doctor prescribed him an antidote, which Buxton picked up at a Los Angeles pharmacy. That helped relieve some of the pain, but the haze went deeper.

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