Venting Some Stress in Hitman 3

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Venting Some Stress in Hitman 3

Venting some stress is a popular challenge in Hitman 3. You will need to eliminate enemies to get full points, but you can also use your skills to earn bonus items. You can do this by completing challenges, such as the Big Bada Boom and Stick it to the Man. If you’re a new player, you can learn how to complete these challenges by reading this guide. In addition, you’ll learn how to complete the Chongqing Assassination challenge.

Assassination challenges in Chongqing

After you have completed Hitman 3’s mission “End of Era”, you’ll want to complete the “Hack the Planet” trophy and achievement, which require a mastery level of 20. The “Hack the Planet” achievement is only available once you’ve completed 85% of the Challenges in the mission. The Chongqing chapter of Hitman 3 is filled with many unique challenges to complete.

The first of these challenges is the End of an Era, which requires you to travel to Chongqing, China. As part of this mission, you must find and kill Hush, a former cyberterrorist and cybersecurity guru for the dark web’s deplorables. He is using homeless people as test subjects, and when the test subjects return, they have disturbing minds. To complete this challenge, Agent 47 must disguise himself as a homeless person and kill Hush, a former cyberterrorist.

How to cool down in Chongqing

You can find a walkthrough for Hitman 3 in Chongqing here. The walkthrough contains reference images, tips, and instructions for each level. It also has links to specific guide sections, such as the challenges section. Throughout the walkthrough, you’ll find maps of each area in Chongqing, as well as names for specific challenges. Click on the map to enlarge it, and use it as a quick reference.

The keypads in Chongqing have two codes. The first one opens the ICA Apartment or Facility Container Entrance Door, and the second one opens Hush’s Private Lab/Therapy Room. Once inside, you need to disguise yourself to get in. Be careful when attempting to get into the winery’s fridge. There are lasers protecting the fridge, so it’s a good idea to have a disguise.

Stick it to the Man challenge

The Stick It To the Man challenge in Hitman 3 is a perfect way to let off some steam and get some extra game time in between missions. Basically, it requires you to kill Hush, a mental opponent that believes he can beat 47. However, Hush is worried that if he kills 47, he will suffer lethal side effects. Here are some tips for completing the challenge.

In the fourth mission of Hitman 3, the “Venting Some Stress” challenge is your task. This objective requires you to poison the target’s air supply. To complete this challenge, you must follow a specific sequence of steps. As you’ll learn, the first step is to find the vent unit. Once you’ve found it, make sure that Imogen’s air supply is poisoned.

Big Bada Boom challenge

In Hitman 3’s Big Bada Boom challenge, you must kill two people using bullets while on the move. Your target should be in the vicinity of the gas-bottle, but your bullets must go through both targets. Aim for the gas-bottle near Royce, and use your instinct vision to find it. This challenge is available in several missions, so it is recommended to play the game with your mouse.

The Chongqing project of Hitman 3 is centered on Royce’s special murders. You’ll have to hide in a hiding place, eliminate drones and Hush, and detonate a bomb. The special attacks in this mission are quite different, but still follow the story of the All-Seeing Eyes. These include a remote-supplied explosive device, code 0118 on the keyboard, and the silent treatment of guards.

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